Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Alaska ....

... North to the future  (State motto) ....

49th State to join the Union - January 3rd, 1959.

I am so enjoying stitching on this every Monday, however  I would like to pick up the pace a little as it would be wonderful to finish this sampler by the end of the year.

"Alaska, northwest of Canada, is the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state. It's known for its dramatic, diverse terrain of wide-open spaces, mountains and forests, with abundant wildlife and many small towns. It’s a destination for outdoor activities including skiing, mountain biking and kayaking. Massive Denali National Park, home to Denali (fka Mt. McKinley), North America’s highest peak, is a site of animal-viewing tours."
Area1.718 million km²
Population736,732 (2014)

Stunning, isn't it?  One day I would like to go there to view the calving of the icebergs - I am sure it would be a majestic sight.

hugs, Kaye


  1. Well done, Kaye. And finishing this sampler by the end of the year is also my goal.

  2. I love watching your progress; it makes me want to pull out mine. The end of the year is doable if you add a couple of days a week.

  3. Great job! And that scenery , wow! Just beautiful :)

  4. Great progress :o) Alaska is on my bucket list :o)