Friday, 28 October 2016

YaY! Finally remembered to post.....!!!!!!

Oh dear, you know, I stitch on something Americana nearly every Monday but do I remember to post - NO!  Silly me!

Anyway, I have a Happy Dance, I finished Summer Stitching by LHN.

Stitched on 28 ct Mocha linen using the CC threads in the kit.

In the spirt of transparency, I must tell you that I made a very big boo boo but I think that I overcame it okay.

If you look at the first picture and see where the little heart shape in red is on the ground, nearest to the house.  Well, the two blooms to either side are meant to be beside each other but I totally miscalculated, so I ended up with all of this blank space.  To rectify it, I added the extra heart-shaped bloom and two more bluebirds.  I must say, I am actually very happy with my slightly different finish.

What do you think?

hugs, Kaye