Monday, 9 April 2018

That elephant is still marching on ....

I had hoped for an Elephant Happy Dance this week but no such luck - at least one more evening of stitching is going to be required to finish my Republican Elephant, I think.....


2nd April Progress (I forgot to post as I was unwell last week):

9th April Progress:

I am certainly getting there with this piece, although I must admit the shiny red floss is difficult to work with - so slippery and frays very easily.  Nice effect, though, once stitched.



  1. Love your elephant :)
    Hope you're feeling much better now xx

  2. Not bad, Kaye, that's definitely visible progress.
    I hope that my random WIP generator will soon come up with the number of one of my Americana projects. If not I will cheat a bit and just pull one out, lol.