Tuesday 7 January 2020

Moving along nicely....

on "A Seasonal Sampling" by Linda Meyers.  Here are my before and after pics from last night's Americana stitching:

.... and this is what it will look like one day:


Monday 30 December 2019

Blogging Renaissance.....

As part of my blogging Renaissance (ie I am back on blogger after a twelve month break), I am resurrecting some of my SAL blog stitching.  I have Friday Frolicked and New Start Sundayed and, of course, Kitten Stitched, over the past week and so I thought it was time to Americana!

So, for this past Monday, I chose Saltbox Farm, part of Linda Meyer's Americana series.

 This is where I started yesterday (I had to start by doing some frogging as that pink for the rabbit was wrong - it was meant to be a pale pink).

... after a day of stitching, I now have a completed rabbit.

.... and this is what it will look like finished:

If you love Americana stitching as much as I do, please feel free to stitch along!


Monday 4 February 2019

I haven't contributed in a long time but I did finish a patriotic piece by the end of January.  Here is "My Patriots"

The Whole piece

The top

the bottom

top list are my Rev war patriots
second list are their relatives who also fought
last list are the most recent veterans
Dad, Mom, son and myself

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Moving along, nicely....

One Nation by Bygone Stitches is moving along very nicely - I find that I am really looking forward to each Monday so that I can pick it up again.


Monday, May 28th:

So sorry about the terrible ironing!



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Thursday 24 May 2018


I got my kit that I'm doing for the SAL.  It's a Pillow Kit from Pine Mountain.
But I'm have some trouble trying to start.  The directions don't give a starting point.  No markings for the center.  Usually there are little arrows pointing to where you start at, but this one doesn't have the arrows. 
Any help would be appreciated lots.  Have a great day!

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Old Glory

Hello everyone!  I thought it was probably about time that I got onto the Red, White and Blue bandwagon and attempted an Americana style stitch....

Last week I finally got around to starting Little House Needleworks "Old Glory".  This design was one of my Stitch Maynia starts, but it was mainly chosen to fit into another SAL on the Stitch Maynia group to celebrate the state of Texas.

I am stitching the design with the DMC conversion rather than the fancy floss, but that's ok because it will still be a gorgeous finish (one day!).  Fabric is 28ct Lugana "Dapple" from Picture This Plus.

See you next time I bring this one out to play!

Hugs x

A bit of red, white and blue.....

.... stitching this week, which, of course, is as it always is on the Americana SAL blog.... lol!

So, as you know I have started on a BAP, "One Nation" by ByGone Stitches. I am loving stitching this design.

Here is where I began last Monday evening...

... and this is my progress....

... and then I couldn't stop stitching on it, so I did a bit more yesterday (Tuesday).....

Are you doing any Americana or Patriotic stitching?  I would love to know.

Until next Monday ....



P.S. I am having ANOTHER Girl's Nest Giveaway (#6), click on the pic below if you would like to enter.  Closes May 31st.