Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Americana Freezer....

See what I have in my freezer now?

 After a quick trip to the supermarket today, I found these Yum Yums!

I can't wait for dessert time!

I do have a new Americana start but I will show you next post.

How are all of your Americana projects going?

hugs, Kaye


  1. I didn't know that ice cream also counts for this SAL, lol.
    No more state squares on my Jean Farish piece so far. But the second piece that I prepared for this SAL is tempting me a lot. I think I will start it soon. Very soon.

    1. Only if they are Americana, Brigitte, naturally! lol! I have started the Jean Farish States - need to post about it soon!

    2. P.S. What is your second piece?

    3. It's a Victorian House design by Nancy Spruance that I bought in the town where the house is situated. i think I will start it after my weekend stitching.