Saturday, 10 October 2015


I was able to make a little progress on my sampler last week-end. But since I forgot my baggie of floss at my daughter's house and only have duplicates of a few colors not much will get done until I can get my floss. I took a picture with my new tablet but don't know how to get it on here.


  1. How annoying about your bag of floss!

  2. Yes, it is! I didn't realize I'd left it until we got to Jazmin's house which is about 3 hours away. I'm glad I had more than one project with me. Erica lives about 45 minutes from me. I'm glad Erica found it before Lennon who turned 2 the day I was there did. She knows how to use scissors! I have to keep a close I on my stuff when I'm there! We were in a store and when her Mom took her past the yarn she said "Granma's"!