Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Good morning and a first hello.

It's great to be here. When I read about this new SAL blog first I didn't consider joining because I thought I had nothing to contribute to the theme. But then, suddenly, I remembered one of my oldest UFOs - Jean Farish's America Sampler. I can't even remember when I stitched on it the last time, I have to look it up in my stitching diary. Anyway, here is where I am.

The last state I stitched was Montana, and the next will be Nebraska.

And then I saw Ariadne's post with the Victorian houses. And I immediately thought of one of my projects for my Year of BAPs. It's the Gingerbread Mansion that you can find in Ferndale, California, and which is a design by Nancy Spruance.

I bought that chart many years ago and I think it qualifies for this SAL as well. I can't wait to start it.
Thank you, Kaye.


  1. I have the chart for the America Sampler but it is not in my list to make yet. I want to make the Victorian Houses which have proved very very difficult even to start. AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Excellent choices, Brigette. I also have the America sampler in my stash. If this SAL lasts long enough, it too may make it to the q-snaps.

  3. Brigitte, both of these are excellent choices for the Americana SAL - I love both of them. Have lots of fun, my dear.

  4. Great choices Brigitte. I love stitching America.


  5. Wonderful choices, Brigitte! I look forward to seeing your progress on both.