Friday, 7 August 2015


Welcome, welcome, welcome to what I hope will be a fabulous new blog.

The header says it all - join us each month for some Americana or Patriotic stitching - stitch as little or as much as you want.  Post progress pics and finishes as you go along. If you can't post one month - there is always next month!  This is a stress free SAL!

Please feel free to add our Badge to your blog, don't forget to add the link back to this blog.

Now, I promised you quizzes, competitions and giveaways.  So, I will kick it off with a little giveaway (not sure what yet, but it will be an Americana cross stitch design).  However, you have to work for it a little - just a little.

To be eligible to win the prize, you need to POST, sometime this month, showing a little bit of Americana and telling us a little bit about WHY  you love stitching Americana or Patriotic designs.  Easy, hey?

I will kick it off:

I love what I call Americana stitching or what is sometimes called by U.S. stitchers Patriotic stitching.  We just do not seem to have that same sort of genre of designs here in Australia.  I think my love of Americana began when I studied American history in Year 11, I still remember my textbook was called "From sea to shining sea".  Let's see, that would be forty years ago now - lol!  I learnt about the seven colonies, then the thirteen colonies and on it went - fascinating.

So, I found that I am drawn to stitching American designs, like Liberty Lane below:

Why do you love this type of stitching so much?



  1. I have not stitched this type before. My friend Marabeth had given me a kit but I never started it. When last year I visited the States I wanted to start it but I never had time. I thought this SAL will help me stitch it so that's why I wanted to join in! I will take pictures of my kit soon!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Being from the US I love anything to do with the red, white and blue theme. I even had my bathroom red white and blue for awhile, LOL! Changing it back to white and black with a few red accents. I have several projects in mind for this SAL. Just need to decide which one to do first. Kaye thanks for setting this up!

    1. You are so welcome, my dear - I hope that you have fun!

  3. Looking forward to this, Kaye :-)

  4. I love your Liberty Lane design!
    I haven't stitched an "Americana" style design for years so I am going to have to try and find something to stitch before the end of the month!!
    I do love the cute red,white and blue designs.... specially if they are quick to stitch!
    Hugs xx